Marc Jacobs Beauty The Wild One Eye-Conic 20 Eyeshadow Palette

I have reviewed Marc Jacobs Beauty products in the past and I think that this is one of those high end brands that actually delivers. From the luxurious packaging to the high quality of the products, this is a great brand.  For Christmas 2015 the Style Eye-Con No. 20 Eyeshadow Palette was first launched, then for Christmas 2016 they launched theAbout Last Night Style Eye-Con 20 Eyeshadow Palette, and for Christmas 2017 they continued with the tradition and launchedThe Wild One Eye-Conic 20 Eyeshadow Palette. 
As I've stated in my previous post, I'm over big eyeshadow palette, and that's why I've skipped the 2015 and 2016 editions. However, when I saw the 2017 edition I simply couldn't resist. The color combination is perfect, it offers endless look possibilities and the slick packaging is just up my ally. As fitted for a brand such as Marc Jacobs Beauty, the price tag on this palette was high- 95 Euros, but if you divide it by 20 eyeshadows and also take into consider…

My first ColourPop order!

ColourPop is a Los Angeles based company, who since founded on 2014, has been growing steadily and today offers a variety of makeup products. I find them particularly interesting for 2 main reasons: The first is their very reasonable prices, it is hard to find a quality eyeshadow palette that only cost 16$, and the second is the fact that they have international shipping, including to Spain, which makes them accessible to me. So why did it take me so long to make an order from the ColourPop web site, you might ask? Well, when you live right next to the largest Sephora store in Europe, there are always bigger temptations at your reach which take priority over online orders. But one evening at the beginning of February I was watching a YouTube video of one of my favorites Spanish YouTuber who recommended one of the ColourPop eyeshadow palettes and decided to bite the bullet and finally make an order. 10 days have passed from the moment I've placed the order until the note letting me kno…

Dr. Nona

When I was in Israel last December I was contacted by a company called Dr. Nona, who asked me if I'd like to try some of their products. Since I left Israel 4 years ago I lost contact with the PR companies and have been buying all of the products I review in the blog by myself, which on the one hand gives me complete "artistic freedom" when writing, but on the other hand lowers my exposure to new brands and products, so I was happy for the opportunity to try something I don't know. I never heard about this company before, but since I used to call my grandmother "Nona", I immediately felt sentimental toward the name of the brand.
Dr. Nona Kuchina founded her brand in 1994 and like many other Israeli brands based it on the abilities of the Dead sea, to be accurate- on the Archaebacteria that lives in it. Today the company operates in over 40 countries worldwide, working through a network of 300,000 distributors and has close to 50 health and beauty products.
I re…

Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition 21 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

I love watching YouTube makeup videos, and I have quite a number of  favorite channels which I've been fallowing for years now. 
Carli Bybel's channel is not one of them. I have tried to watch her channel for a while because I admit her impecable doll like look and makeup definitely catought my eyes, but something in the way she talks, acts and generally carry herself made it impossible for me to relate to her. 
And when I can't relate- I don't watch.

When I heard she created a palette with BH Cosmetics it sounded interesting, because despite what I think about her you can't argue with her being talented and one of the most successful YouTubers today, but ordering the palette to Spain was not worth it (the shipment costs more than the palette..) so I skipped it then.

A few weeks ago I entered the Urban Outfitters store in Catalonia square and to my surprise right there, in the "aisle of doom" near the cashier, there was a pile of the second edition of her pale…